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December 2023

Non-leveraged CFD Trading is no longer available

Non-Leveraged CFDs will be discontinued from being a trading option as of December 31, 2023 at 23:59 GMT. Clients should review their open positions and decide the most favored time to close such positions. Any remaining open positions will be closed automatically on December 31, 2023 at 23:59 GMT, without further notice.

September 2023

We have a new look

We are thrilled to announce that have recently revamped the appearance and interface of our mobile app to provide a superior user experience.
As a leading financial trading company, we understand the importance of a sleek and professional design that reflects our commitment to excellence.
The new look of our mobile app is not only visually appealing but also highly functional, making it easier than ever for our clients to navigate, manage and execute trades seamlessly.
We believe these enhancements will further increase the value we deliver to our users and strengthen our position in the industry.
We appreciate your continued support and look forward to your feedback on the new and improved mobile app.

May 2023

Important updates to our Affiliate agreement

Additional updates in regard to partnership commissions and partnership termination clauses are made in our affiliate and partner agreement. For more details, view our full Terms and conditions.

April 2023

Important updates to our Affiliate agreement

Our affiliate and partner agreement was updated in regards to partnership commissions and partnership termination clauses. For more details, view our full Terms and conditions.

December 2022

Privacy Updates Added to Terms and Conditions

We’ve recently updated section 7 of our Terms & Conditions to enhance the protection and privacy of data subjects' personal data. For more details, view our full Terms and conditions.

August 2022

Important updates to the Terms and Conditions

Our affiliate and partner agreement's terms and conditions were updated to mirror our dedication to working with stable and consistently valuable partners, so that we can ensure that our top-market commissions are available for long-term and successful partnerships, even after these partnerships end. For more details, view our full Terms and conditions.

May 2022

Vestle to become iFOREX Europe

On 15th May, our European broker Vestle changed its name to iFOREX Europe, in a move designed to better represent the services offered by the iFOREX Group to traders all around the world. The rebrand will include a wider focus on the European market in order to bring clients even more tradeable assets, improved spreads, and further global reach. We hope you and your clients enjoy everything iFOREX Europe has to offer.

March 2022

Trading Platform Updates

The iFOREX Group continues to innovate their proprietary trading platform with several new updates designed to make every operation, from deposit to deal, easy and hassle-free. Recent additions include the ability to set mobile limit orders from charts, a wide variety of new instruments on offer, simpler registration process, low spreads, non-leveraged products and much more. Check out the newly updated platform available for both the iFOREX and Vestle brands and tell us what you think.

January 2022

20 New Cryptos Added to Trading Platform

As the interest in cryptocurrencies and crypto-related assets such as NFTs continues to grow around the world, we’ve topped up our already-impressive offering of crypto trading instruments with 20 new coins. Now traders interested in the crypto markets can choose from not just the classics like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, but also up-and-comers like Avalanche, SHIBA INU, Decentraland, Solana and PancakeSwap. It’s all part of our dedication to giving clients a leading edge on the global financial markets.
Check out the full offering of crypto instruments at iforex.com and Vestle.com.

November 2021

Simpler Payment Methods Feature

We’ve made the payment process simpler and easier by adding the most popular and relevant payment methods available in each country to the payments page, so clients can quickly see all available methods for their region and choose the most suitable one. Along with a wider selection of today’s top providers, clients can enjoy more efficient payments and withdrawals as well as faster processing times. Have a look on both the iFOREX and Vestle platforms and tell us what you think.

October 2021

Introducing iFOREX Follow the Experts

We’ve expanded our educational offerings to include an exciting new feature that allows clients to observe two renowned trading experts—Walid Salaheldin Mohamed and Mohamed Abd El Khaleq—opening CFD trading deals in real time. Both experts will offer live commentary on their trading strategies, technical and fundamental analysis and more, giving clients valuable insight they can apply to their own methods. We aim to ensure all clients are able to make informed trading decisions and enter the markets with knowledge and focus, and believe such hands-on experience can make a world of difference.
Check out Follow the Experts here.

September 2021

Lower Crypto Spreads

As one of the most popular instrument categories in the industry, we see more and more clients adding cryptos to their portfolios, and to make the sector even more accessible we’ve slashed the spread percentage on almost all crypto instruments to as low as 0.25%. This provides clients with some of the lowest spreads in the market on top cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more. Check out the full offering on the trading platform.

July 2021

Non-Leveraged Products Added to Platform

We’ve added a variety of non-leveraged products to the trading platform (in specific markets) on a wide range of shares and cryptos including Apple, Intel, Tesla, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. Non-leveraged instruments can provide more opportunities to traders with long-term investment goals by reducing market exposure, mitigating portfolio risk and being exempt from overnight financing fees on long positions, which maximizes the time that clients can hold onto instruments without sustaining maintenance or holding fees. Check out the iFOREX and Vestle trading platforms to see the full selection of available non-leveraged products.

May 2021

1-Click Trading Now Available

Opening trading deals can now be done with a single click - or tap - with 1-Click Trading. This unique feature provides traders with instrument highlights in one bite-size tile. Traders can customise settings to view trading sentiment, high/low rates, and more. When they’re ready to open a deal, all they have to do is tap or click the Buy or Sell button. Have a look at this popular feature and let us know what you think.

August 2020


Traders from the United Kingdom, Hungary and the Czech Republic can now benefit from our proprietary trading platforms, cutting-edge trading tools and exclusive offers via a regulated broker. iFOREX UK is the trading name of VIBHS Financial Limited, authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA") under Firm Reference Number 613381. Traders will receive access to unique education resources and free, 1-on-1 training. If you would like to promote the iFOREX UK brand, contact us for further details.
Check out https://www.iforex.co.uk

July 2020

Updating the iFOREX website

We've taken the iforex.com site to the next level, enhancing its technological abilities, updating the design and improving the user experience. All changes were made following extensive research and analysis, and the feedback from clients is amazing. The new website is already available in multiple languages - check it out and let us know what you think.

January 2019

iFOREX now offers 3% fixed rate interest on client equity

We’re excited to announce a first for the iFOREX brand: 3% interest on equity amounts ranging between $1,000 and $150,000. This move was intended to offer clients the opportunity to get more from the money they invest with us, and to ensure the differentiation of the iFOREX brand among competitors. Interest will be paid out monthly.

For further details, please contact partners@activelyinvesting.com

The Company reserves the right to exclude this benefit from any Client group and/or country/region as it deems appropriate.

July 2018

Launch of IB Program

iFOREX is looking for IBs (Introduction Brokers) to promote us for generous payouts*. If you’d like to join us or know more, get in touch.

* Where permitted by local regulations

July 2018

Hello Vestle!

We’d like to give a warm welcome to Vestle – a new site for European clients and the new brand name of iCFD Ltd. Vestle will serve all of our clients in Europe, excluding Hungary and the UK. All of iCFD's marketing materials will change from iFOREX to Vestle. All payouts will be separated per brand.

View our official PR
Please be sure to use Vestle's new marketing materials, and to replace your existing reviews with new Vestle reviews. For assistance and further information, contact your account manager.


May 2018

New website means new opportunities

As you’ve probably noticed, we have a new affiliate website and it’s awesome.

This means you have a new login page - Login.activelyinvesting.com – and this is a great opportunity for you to access new markets in multiple languages and expand your audience in various regions.

Note that the affiliate login page has changed and is now Login.activelyinvesting.com.

Please take the time to make sure your marketing materials are all up-to-date and feature the correct brand.

Need anything else? Let us know.

November 2017

Direct promotion from our mobile apps

Big news! You can now promote the brands in the iFOREX Group directly from the applications on the App Store or Google Play. Additionally, the iFOREX Group’s marketing materials are all produced responsively for desktop and mobile, enabling our affiliates to track results from any device, and send traffic from ads directly to in-app registration screens.