The iFOREX Group enables traders from all over the world to trade indices in the form of CFDs. What is an index? A stock market index measures a specific section of the market. Usually, its price is derived from the prices of several, selected stocks. In index trading, a trader doesn’t invest in the price of a specific share, but rather in the average price of many shares. An index can also be described as a basket of instruments.

When trading indices in the form of CFDs (Contracts For Difference), clients don’t actually buy and sell the index, but instead they invest in its price. They can also use leverage (when permitted by local regulations), a trading tool that substantially increases their trading power, as well as risks.

Some CFD traders choose to specialize in index trading, while other choose to trade these instruments alongside our hundreds of other CFD instruments – shares, commodities, ETFs and currencies. Every new client is invited to take advantage of free 1-on-1 training with a trading coach, familiarizing them with our trading platforms and services.

We offer many types of indices from various markets, allowing for portfolio diversification. Clients can trade CFD instruments such as the US 30 (which is based on the performances of the Dow Jones Industrial Average), the Germany 30 (which is based on the performance of the German Dax), the Japan 225 (which is based on the performances of the Nikkei 225) and many others.

Our PC and mobile trading platforms are available in over 20 languages and cater for the need of different styles of traders. For an ultimate mobile trading experience, traders are encouraged to download the apps for free from Google Play or the App Store.

People who are interested in expanding their knowledge of index trading and the market in general, can access free education resources such as PDFs, articles and video tutorials. Our clients enjoy constant updates and information including market news, analysis, an economic calendar and notifications. Our clients can take advantage of a wide variety of advanced trading tools and enjoy Negative Balance Protection, which prevents their accounts from ever going into minus.

Rates are according to the bid price of the pair