ETFs (Exchange Trade Funds) are very popular tradable instruments. To make things simple, an ETF tracks an index, a commodity or a basket of assets. The iFOREX Group enables its clients to trade ETFs online, via PC or mobile, in the form of CFDs.

Through trading an ETF, a trader can invest in the performance of a specific industry, rather than in one company or commodity. ETFs also allow traders to ‘hedge’ their trades, since they are not investing in the price of one single instrument but rather in several instruments at once. This limits the effect of extreme volatility of one element within that basket.

iFOREX allows its clients to trade ETFs with leverage (when permitted by local regulations) and provides them with advanced trading tools such as market indicators, charts and limit orders. Our trading platforms are cutting-edge, yet user-friendly, and they are available in multiple languages.

The selection of ETFs is regularly updated, with new instruments added periodically. Some traders like to focus on ETFs, while other engage in ETF trading as part of a larger trading strategy, trading them alongside our hundreds of other CFD instruments – shares, commodities, indices and currencies.

Since we cater to many different styles of clients, our sites are equipped with a wide selection of education resources such as video tutorials, PDF guides and articles. We also offer free 1-on-1 training with a trading coach, to assist new clients familiarize themselves with our trading platforms and services.

Information resources are also freely available, including financial news, an economic calendar, daily analysis and regular updates and alerts. For ETF traders, such information is extremely important, since the price of an ETF (which is composed of several instruments) is affected by many, different factors.

Rates are according to the bid price of the pair