Currency trading takes place all over the planet on a daily basis. It is the largest market in the world and the basis of modern economy. The iFOREX Group enable its clients to trade currencies in the form of CFDs. This means that instead of actually buying and selling the currencies, clients are essentially investing in their price.

Because clients always exchanging one currency for another, currency trading is always done in pairs. For example, when you trade the EUR/USD, you are buying the euro and selling the US Dollar. At the different sites of the iFOREX Group, clients can trade currencies with leverage (when permitted by local regulations), hence having the ability to open large deals with a relatively small investment.

On our trading platforms, clients can access a wide selection of currency pairs from multiple markets. While some clients choose to focus only on currencies, other prefer to trade our other CFD instruments including shares, commodities, indices and ETFs. This allows for portfolio diversification and enhanced risk management.

Our trading platforms are suitable for different levels of traders. We accommodate various demands by supplying education resources aimed at expanding clients’ knowledge regarding currencies, CFDs, global economy and market opportunities. These resources include videos, PDFs and articles dealing with different aspects of trading and our platforms. We also offer exclusive, 1-on-1 training with a trading coach, available, free of charge, to any new client.

Since we know how important information is to traders, we ensure our clients benefit from numerous information resources including signals, market updates, notifications, alerts, market news and daily analysis.

Our clients can trade anytime, anywhere via their PC, tablets or smartphones and are encouraged to download our free trading apps, available on the App Store and Google Play.

Rates are according to the bid price of the pair