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Automatic Qualification for Affiliates is Now Available

Select the conversion report 'goal' option

In order to provide you with a clearer, broader picture of your traffic and results, the conversion report has been upgraded to better suit your needs. The conversion report will now present only two types of ‘goals’ generated by the affiliate's trackers: ‘leads’ and ‘activations’. In order to see ‘qualified leads and activations’ (leads and activations that have been qualified and approved for payment), look under ‘status’ (approved / pending).

Please note: Your ‘payout’ appears on both ‘approved’ and ‘pending’ statuses, but actual payout will be delivered only for approved leads and activations. This means that you see the full potential of your traffic, the actual payment for the current month and potential payments over the coming months.

"Payment Plan" refers to the payment method chosen by the Affiliate through which the Affiliate shall be entitled to commission payments per each ‘Qualified Lead’ or ‘Qualified Client’.

It is hereby clarified that no consideration shall be paid with respect to users referred by the Affiliate which were not approved as Qualified Users by the Company or the Affiliates who were involved directly or indirectly, including by their ‘Qualified Users’ in fraud. This is regardless if such fraud was detected or made before or after the approval of the ‘Qualified User’.
Further details can be found here.